VEGAN: It is an all encompassing lifestyle that can completely change your quality of life. It worked for me and it may work for you too. Hoping this will provide guidance, support and success for you!

When going vegan many people get so caught up in rules, they become anxious,

Relax and learn to love to cook, explore new cuisines, and be adventurous with food. Most importantly, be easy on yourself. Don't view a vegan lifestyle as the finish line, but as an evolving process of conscious eating. For me personally my commitment to a cruelty-free lifestyle became stronger than my cravings.




Keep your end goal in mind, but go at your own pace. Some people manage to go vegan overnight and if that's the right approach for you, fantastic!. Don't feel stressed if you need more time. Like any other lifestyle change, going vegan not only takes getting used to, but it takes time to determine what will work best for you. 


Try new things

Treat your taste buds to new foods and new flavors. Leaving your food comfort zone will take you on a trip of discovery of new cuisines. There are many of vegan. Whatever your preference is, you'll encounter amazing new and interesting variations on your old favorites. You don't have to be an award-winning chef to achieve a tasty meal. You'll be surprised by the number of meals you can easily prepare from things that are already in your kitchen.


Keep learning

Remember that going vegan is a learning curve. To live as a vegan in a non-vegan world takes both courage and curiosity. It’s important you allow yourself time to learn about the various strands of veganism and remember to be proud about yourself along the way for the progress you have accomplished.


Ask for help

"How do I bake cakes without eggs?" "I don’t know how to speak to my family about veganism!” Fear not –you're not alone. 


Remember why

Keep reminding yourself of the reasons you've chosen a vegan lifestyle, and the benefits you've felt since going vegan. You'll probably find going vegan a lot easier than expected, but if you do have a bad day or feel this whole vegan thing is too much take a deep breath and briefly reflect on your choices. Watching informative and uplifting videos about veganism can help, as does keeping motivating visual reminders. 


Don´t give up!

If you believe in yourself, vegan living will soon become second nature. There is always a better reason to stick with your decision than to go against it. If you're having issues with friends or family, don't give up. Form me personally it was very helpful to find support from people who are vegan. Since I did not have to people around me I started looking on the internet. I found many great people who where showing amazing recipes and tips how to be vegan in a very easy and great way. 


 Don´t worry about getting enough protein

Rich sources of concentrated protein include beans, soy products like tofu and seitan, quinoa, nuts, and hemp seeds. As long as you include these staples with proteinrich veggies like asparagus, cauliflower, and broccoli, you should meet your daily requirements.


Don´t judge others

So you disagree with someone else's lifestyle choice. So what? You're not perfect either. The best way to help people and win them over is to teach by action, no lecturing. Bring some vegan food over or treat them to a vegan meal. If you want to make the change and keep your friends while you're at it, you have to realize that not everybody is at the same place in their life.


A happier healthier you

A vegan diet is great for your health! According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, vegans are less likely to develop heart disease, cancer, diabetes, or high blood pressure than meat-eaters are. Vegans get all the nutrients that they need to be healthy, such as plant protein, fiber, and minerals, without all the nasty stuff in meat that slows you down and makes you sick, such as cholesterol and saturated animal fat.



Let me know your thoughts! I would love to hear what worked best for you, I am sure many of you have great tips and tricks!