Paulina and Jose checking the shirts :)

Paulina and Jose checking the shirts :)


We make sure our t shirts are ethically hand made and sweat shop free, giving fair and honest wages to our team of fabulous seamstresses.  

No cheap mass production.No child labor!No dingy factory sweatshops here! Using good materials and designing and printing  our fabrics ourselves, making each piece something unique. All shirts are hand made, one by one, just for you.

Cruelty-free: we do not believe animals should suffer at the hands of our T-shirts & packaging. This is why we do not use animal bi-products, such as leather wool or silk.

We live in a world of diminishing natural resources, over-forestation and environmental concerns. Using reclaimed wood helps to preserve our forests t.

Generally, processing this wood has less impact on the environment than felling, transporting and processing new once.

Our Hangtags are hand made individually sanded to give it a unique look.We chose a banana shape that you hopefully will keep :)



Living in Hawaii and seeing the ocean and the beach full of plastic made wanting to creat a packaging that can be used more than once.

We do believe less is more. To keep our carbon footprint as minimal as we can we use the left over pieces that appear when cutting the fabric for the t-shirts to created little bags that are resuable.